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Promat is a global leader in the dynamic business of sophisticated fire science technologies. It is a proactive link in the worldwide network of the Etex Group, whose consolidated turnover closed financial 2013 in excess of €3 billion.

Promat is synonymous international quality. Its tried, tested and proven products and systems are nowadays effectively at work throughout many applications

Only Promat offers the kind of in-depth expertise that comes from six decades of cutting edge R&D


Promat has developed, for the Petrochemical industries, a range of fire-proofing systems that restrict the effects of hydrocarbon fires on structures and vessels.

The systems incorporate product groups that include spray or trowel applied coatings, adhesives/keycoats/sealants, topcoats and reinforcement/fixings.


The Promat system provides highly effective passive fire protection for onshore petrochemical and power complexes, and offshore oil and gas production projects.

Petrochemical fires are those sustained by hydrocarbon-based products, such as chemicals, gas and petroleum, found in Petrochemical industry projects.  Whereas an active fire protection system reacts to heat and tries to put out the fire, a passive fire protection system insulates a steel or concrete structure from the effects of fire and ensures that the structure does not reach temperatures which cause the steel to buckle and collapse, or concrete to spall.

Our leading brands include DURASTEEL®, PROMATECT®,  and FENDOLITE®.