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Established in 1952, Belzona has pioneered innovative polymer technology that has revolutionized industrial repair and maintenance procedures. Proven success has also led to a growing number of prominent clients specifying Belzona materials as a cost effective solution at the design stage of a project. Today, Belzona is the world leader in the supply of polymer repair composites and industrial protective coatings and is continuously developing solutions to meet the ever increasing market demand. Aggressive chemicals and erosion-corrosion can take their toll on equipment and structures, resulting in increased capital and operating expenditure. Elevated temperature and pressure levels tend to exacerbate the problem and necessitate the use of high performance protective and repair materials with a proven track record.   Oil and Gas companies choose the Belzona solution because it helps them to: • Reduce capital expenditure • Lower maintenance costs • Improve efficiency and safety • Reduce downtime • Simplify maintenance procedures • Extend machinery and equipment life